Excel - Calculating age from two date fields-Excel 2003

Asked By VeteranoftheSoftwareCycle on 30-Mar-09 12:21 PM
I'm not sure what section this question should go in.

I need to find if a person was 40 years of age or older (= or >) at his Date
of Hire.  I have two columns, Birth Date and Date of Hire.

How would I write a formula to give me this answer?

Thanks in advance

T. Valko replied on 30-Mar-09 12:36 PM
Try this:

A1 = DOB
B1 = DOH


That will return either TRUE or FALSE

Microsoft Excel MVP
s. suganthi replied to VeteranoftheSoftwareCycle on 16-Nov-09 03:43 AM
please tell me the way how to calculate the age from 2 dates
Bob Phillips replied to s. suganthi on 16-Nov-09 07:01 AM




Bob Phillips