Excel - Engineering notation

Asked By Prof Wonmug on 16-Aug-09 07:00 PM
There are a number of websites that explain how Scientific notation
can be made into Engineering notation by calling for 3 digits to the
left of the decimal place

000.0E+00 or ##0.0E+00

This website


says that this format produces "poor results for numbers less that
1,000" and suggests using

[<0.001]##0.00E+0;[<1000] #0.00;##0.00E+0

Ignoring for a moment that they are missing a "#" in the middle
format, I do not see the "poor results". The formats in this table are:

Value  #,##0.00000000
Scientific  0.00E+00
Eng1  ##0E+0
Eng2  [<0.001]##0E+00;[<1000]##0E+00;##0E+00
Eng3  [=0]0E+00;##0E+00

Value      Scientific   Eng1     Eng2     Eng3
0.00000100   1.00E-06    1E-6    1E-06    1E-06
0.00001000   1.00E-05   10E-6   10E-06   10E-06
0.00010000   1.00E-04  100E-6  100E-06  100E-06
0.00100000   1.00E-03    1E-3    1E-03    1E-03
0.01000000   1.00E-02   10E-3   10E-03   10E-03
0.10000000   1.00E-01  100E-3  100E-03  100E-03
0.00000000   0.00E+00  000E+0  000E+00    0E+00
1.00000000   1.00E+00    1E+0    1E+00    1E+00
10.00000000   1.00E+01   10E+0   10E+00   10E+00
100.00000000   1.00E+02  100E+0  100E+00  100E+00
1,000.00000000   1.00E+03    1E+3    1E+03    1E+03
10,000.00000000   1.00E+04   10E+3   10E+03   10E+03
100,000.00000000   1.00E+05  100E+3  100E+03  100E+03
1,000,000.00000000   1.00E+06    1E+6    1E+06    1E+06
10,000,000.00000000   1.00E+07   10E+6   10E+06   10E+06
100,000,000.00000000   1.00E+08  100E+6  100E+06  100E+06
1,000,000,000.00000000   1.00E+09    1E+9    1E+09    1E+09

It looks like Eng1 and Eng2 are identical.

Eng3 adds a condition to format zero better.

Herbert Seidenberg replied on 18-Aug-09 11:06 PM
Excel 2007
Engineering notation.
Four significant digits,
including trailing zeros.
Never displays E+00
Positive and negative numbers.
Meg to nano.