Excel - CONCATENATE involving CHAR(13) and CHAR(10): "" marks when copy/pasteto text editor [???]

Asked By plh on 03-Dec-10 12:09 PM
The result of this formula:
has quotation marks when copy pasted into a text editor, like so:
You can see that the CR/LF comes out but it adds the quotation marks.
Is there any cure for this?

I tried using only CHAR(13) in place of CHAR(13),CHAR(10) and also
CHAR(10) only, and also using cell references in place of the literal
strings, that is:
but the result was the same.

Dave Peterson replied to plh on 04-Dec-10 01:20 PM
You could use a macro to build the text file the way you want.

You could create a macro that exports the data the way you want.

Here are three sites that you could steal some code from:

Earl Kiosterud's Text Write program:
(or directly:  http://www.smokeylake.com/excel/text_write_program.htm)

Chip Pearson's:

J.E. McGimpsey's:

(or maybe you could build your own formula and copy|paste into Notepad.)

Check out Earl's Text Write program first.  It may do exactly what you want
right out of the box.

Dave Peterson
dranon replied to plh on 06-Dec-10 10:50 PM
You can copy the value of the cell to another cell and then copy/paste
the value.